09-2013 Newly Launch of Large Size
Profhand pedal wheelchair of Large size is newly launched for users up to 6 feet(180cm)in height and 330 lbs(150kg) in weight. The differential gear is a standard feature of the premium version.
News4 image Larege size Profhand
03-2013 Official Launch of Toyo Medtech Home Page.
Profhand pedal wheelchair is the perfect partner for mobility, exercise, rehabilitation, stress relief and many more. Explore more with us at or contact us for more details about Profhand.
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10-2012 Profhand among Top 100 in Japan
Profhand pedal wheelchair came 22nd among the Top 100 most encouraging products in Japan by Nikkei Business Magazine. Over 3000 users experienced the joy of riding this ‘magical wheelchair’ on their own weakened legs after suffering from stroke or other causes.
News2 image - Nikkei Business
06-2012 Toyo Medtech Company Limited
In collaboration with HICC and TESS, Toyo Medtech Company Limited has become the global sales and marketing force for Profhand pedal wheelchair. Toyo now focuses on the business development and explores the new partners for distributing Profhand around the globe.
News3 image - TOYO Logo on white backgd
05-2011 Harmony Hill International Company Limited
Manufactured and first Launch of Profhand by Harmony Hill International Company Limited (HHIC) in Taiwan. This venture was a significant manifestation of Profhand pedal wheelchair gearing for international markets.
News4 image - HHIC Logo on white bkdg
07-2009 Launch of Profhand
First Launch of Profhand by TESS in Japan. The world’s most innovative pedal wheelchair has been developed by Professor Yasunobu Handa and his research fellow team of Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.
News5 image -Professor Handa